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Organisation for the 2016 UHPH conference on the Gold Coast is now in full swing with contributors mapping out/ thinking about/ working on their papers (format templates attached) which are due by 15 November 2015. Registration is now open and payment is being processed online through the link from the website (see below) OR through the link from Griffith Pay (see below).
Accommodation at the QT Hotel can be booked by filling in the booking form downloaded from from the conference website here:
Full papers are due to be submitted for peer review by the 15 November 2015.
All paper submissions are via email to c.bosman@griffith.edu.au.
Length: Papers are to be a maximum of 4,500 words including notes and quotations, but excluding abstract (see below).Format: Papers are to be submitted as a single MS Word document (format template attached) with all page margins set to 2cm and paragraph format to double spacing. Please use UK English throughout (using the Oxford English Dictionary as a reference where necessary). Please use 12-point Times New Roman font for all purposes, with no bold or underlined text, and with italics used for source titles in references and only sparingly in the body of the text for emphasis. New paragraphs should be marked by a double return without indentation.

Please save the file with the first author’s surname followed by _UHPH16_FP   (eg): Bosman_UHPH16_FP

Thank you again for your abstract/s, we look forward to receiving registration and your full paper.




  1. Catherine Evans

    Hi David,
    Is there any update on the link to the 2016 conference proceedings?

    • davidgrahamnichols

      All working now Catherine

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