David Nichols reviews Ngā Pūtahitanga/Crossings: The 39th Annual Conference of SAHANZ and 16th Conference of Australasian in Fabrications.

Notoriously slow and halting traffic dogs Auckland city at peak hour times, with buses frequently cancelled due to a lack of drivers. The 24 km light rail presently under construction cannot come a moment too soon. But why quibble? The city itself was vibrant and green in November 2022, and while no visitor breezing in with few day-to-day connections to the city (or the nation) can presume to give any nuanced assessment of Auckland, its unique topography, history, and natural beauty certainly made it the perfect place to experience the delayed relaunch of the two premier conferences for historical studies of the built environment in Australasia.

Read more: https://doi.org/10.1080/10331867.2023.2193456.