Special issue of Fabrications – Call for papers
Fabrications: The Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians, Australia & New Zealand

Volume 23 number 1 will be a themed issue, ‘Competitions and Capitals’, in recognition of Canberra’s centenary in 2013.

Announcement: Call for Papers for Fabrications 23:1 closes 1 November 2012.

The international design competition for Canberra was widely advertised and generated international interest in 2011-12. It was of course won by the Americans, Walter Burley Griffin and Marion Mahony Griffin, and the city was built from 2013. The competition and particularly the winning design, with its strong axes and geometries, helped to popularise the idea of town planning, in Australia and elsewhere. In recognition of the centenary, Fabrications 23:1 invites papers exploring themes of relevance to the design of Canberra, from competitions and capitals to the use of geometry in city design. Papers might be specifically focused on Canberra and/or the Griffins. Equally, they might address other competitions (for buildings, cities or parts of cities); the design of other capital cities; town or cities utilising geometric systems in their design; or architects connected with the Griffins. For papers not explicitly concerned with Canberra, some reference or comparison to it is welcome but not essential.

Papers are due in with Deborah van der Plaat (d.vanderplaat@uq.edu.au) and Julia Gatley (julia.gatley@auckland.ac.nz) by the due dates identified above.

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